Business services

We are a company that specializes in the removal of pest. But mainly take preventive and repelling measures to prevent pests from establishing themselves in your company. We work according the guidelines and use the latest control techniques. Prevention is our top priority and that is why we use a system called IPM. The IPM system is a new way of removing pest, but it is also highly focused on preventing pests. The prevention registration is logged in accordance with the HACCP guidelines. So you are guaranteed of all the necessary inspection moments. Pest control will help you remove the pests in your business.


Protect Pest Control takes the subject of vermin and pests completely out of your hands and makes sure you don’t have to worry about it, so you can fully focus on your business activities. Protect Pest Control also provides information for you and your staff to recognize pests. When pests are recognized at an early stage, costs for your company and image damage can be prevented.


We always strive to have the same exterminator for your company who knows what is going on and is aware of the company rules.


Feel free to contact us for an inspection and / or an obligation free quote. This service is free of charge at all times.


Do not give pests a chance to establish themselves in and around your company by taking the correct prevention measures. Architectural defects or overdue maintenance are often the cause of pests housing in your area. Pests develop well and quickly if these things are not well organized. We have the right knowledge, insight and materials to prevent vermin. A new-build business premises or renovation, we can, in collaboration with the contractor, ensure that your business premises are delivered pest proof.


We would be happy to take care of the barrier for your company, please feel free to contact us for a structural inspection. We operate from Almere and service in: Flevoland, Amsterdam, ‘t Gooi, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Harderwijk. If your municipality is not listed, please contact us.


Are you currently vermin-free and would you like to keep it that way? By taking preventive measures a nuisance from vermin can be prevented. This can be done by means of periodic checks, in which detection material is placed at strategic locations and every visit is checked and maintained, in addition, we give advice on the prevention of pests which are registered in a logbook system according to HACCP guidelines.


Still suffering from vermin and/or pests? Preventive and repelling measures in combination with control is the solution to get rid of your pests quickly and sustainable. Pest control is tailor-made, feel free to contact us for a plan of action for your company. Pest control will help you remove the pests in your business.

The IPM system

Integrated Pest control Management, short for IPM, has become a more important factor recently and will become even more important in the pest control plan for the coming years. The system is created to quickly suppress a pest or to prevent it, and do this with as little biocides as possible. By means of inspection and registration it will be possible to get insights on how a pest can be prevented.


It looks at the following matters:

  • Environment – what are the possible dangers and what kind of vermin can be expected around the property.
  • Architectural condition of the building – are there architectural shortcomings that vermin could use.
  • Hygiene – are all hygiene measures so that no pests are attracted.
  • Business – are all business matters in order so that pests do not settle.


These are a few examples, after all, no situation is the same. Everything is by means of periodic checks and these are reported in a logbook system in accordance with the HACCP guidelines. If the IPM system is applied, it will be cost efficient for your company and you will have full control of the pests. With this method less biocides will be needed, which will also be good for the environment and prevent unnecessary animal suffering. Please feel free to contact us for questions or a meeting on location.



We completely understand that your wish is to offer guests a pest-free hotel room, restaurant and catering industry. Nothing is more annoying than when a guest comes with a complaint of having been in contact with vermin. We offer a suitable solution for all your pests and are specialized in the prevention and control of bed bugs.

Warehouse and factory

Store your goods and third-party goods safely without damage or contamination from vermin. We have extensive experience to prevent this and in the worst case exterminate it. By taking preventive measures, we can control pests in your company.


Catering industry

We are your partner to create a pest free environment in your catering business. By means of periodic checks that are focused on company construction, hygiene and business flow, we map out the situation and ensure that pests do not have a chance to settle. Furthermore, we can provide a sustainable solution for you. All this is registered in a logbook system via the HACCP guidelines, which can be refuted at all times by the NVWA.


Retail is a broad concept with different types of shops and buildings, from the physical delivery of goods to the provision of services. We have a suitable pest control solution for every situation and are happy to provide the pest control service for retail premises, office buildings, schools, property management and the house owners association.