Pest control

Pest control is done by a professional exterminator with the correct certification and extensive experience. In many cases pest control is custom work with the right pesticides [biocides]. We make as little use as possible of biocides by drawing up an action plan. With the use of pesticides as a last resort. Sometimes the use of pesticides is necessary. But this will be used in a limited and targeted manner. To return to detection means as soon as possible once the pest has been controlled.


The pesticides that are used all have a Dutch authorization. Approved by the Board for the Authorization of Plant Protection Products and Biocides [ctgb]. Our pest exterminator has the diploma control technician and is continuously trained to stay up to date with the latest control techniques and guidelines, furthermore he or she also owns a vca certification.


Control based on non-poisoned bait is one of the options. This is done without biocides and with mechanical traps and attractants. This is ideal in an environment where biocides are not desired or permitted and also for an environment that is very humid. Sometimes preventive measures are enough to get rid of a pest infestation. By removing or dissolving the source, pesticides are often unnecessary.