Pest Guide

In our pest guide you will find the most common pest types, so you can quickly recognize pests. If you recognize your pests in time, we can handle in the correct way. If we remove the pests in time, we do not only helpt you with fighting the insects. But we will also helpt with the prevention for in the future. If your vermin are not listed here, please contact us without obligation. We will remove the insects.


Tip, take a clear photo or catch the rodent in a jar so that we can determine the type of pest and apply the correct control. If you can’t find your pest in our guide, don’t worry. We remove the most common pests. If you contact us in time, we can remove the insects at the centre and you will notice that the pests are gone for a long time. Don’t wait too long to call in a professional pest controller. The sooner you contact us, the lower the costs. And the better we can help you to remove all the insects.

Click on one of the pests below for more information. Check our pest guide.