Ants control

Ants are a part of the membrane wings species and are very social insects. All over the world ants come in all shapes and sizes and that is why we consider them to be a dominant life form. Ants live in groups and within the group everyone has a clear and important task. This division of labor can be endlessly interesting to study, which is why they are sometimes kept as pets in a formicarium. We will help to remove the ants.

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    The ant issue

    Ants can be a major nuisance in restaurants, retailers or other food industry companies. Ants can contaminate food by walking over and through it, which can financially affect your business. After all, the food will have to be thrown away. Ants can also carry pathogens, making them very undesirable in hospitals, for example.


    In or around your home, ants can become a great annoyance, because they cause a lot of nuisance. They look for a food source and make walkways from the nest to this source. And let the food source be in your kitchen or pantry. A starting ant infestation is at that point inevitable.

    The ant: a social animal

    Ants are related to bees and wasps, even though most species cannot fly. In July or August, the young queens fly off to establish new populations and these are the famous “flying ants” that everyone knows. The population consists of workers who live on average 2 to 3 years and a queen who can live up to 15 to 20 years! In this time the nest will not disappear, unless you have a professional control method applied to it.

    The Argentinean ant

    There are many types of ants. The Argentinian ant (linepithema humile) has workers that are light brown to dark brown in color and about 2 mm long. They do not swarm because they mate in the nest and not outside it. Workers are already adults ready to mate after 3 months. They also tend to bite to defend themselves.

    The Working ant

    Workers have very good senses for detecting food sources from great distances. Sometimes it is therefore difficult to find the final nest. Most ants like sweet foods, such as fruit and lemonade, but will also eat meat and other insects when nothing sweet is readily available.

    The Pharaoh ant

    The Pharaoh ant (monomorium pharaonis) has workers that are yellow-brown, with a brown belly. They are slightly smaller than the Argentine ant, at times 1.5 mm, and have black eyes and two segments at their waist. The colonies in which the Pharaoh ant lives often have several queens and are not very visible. They have wings, but they fall off the body after mating.


    Pharaoh ants pay close attention to how they route from the nest to the food source, as they ensure that they come close to heating systems. If you have underfloor heating it will be a most desired spot for this ant. They also love food with a lot of protein, such as meat and fat.


    A Pharaoh ant plague arises in no time. A queen lays as many as 3500 eggs during her life and because several queens live in a nest, it can easily become 300,000 if the ants are not properly controlled in time.

    The Roger ant

    Another ant is Roger’s ant (hypoponera punctatissima), where the workers are reddish brown and about 2 mm long. They have a stinger and are not afraid to use it. This ant does not carefully create routes like other conspecifics, because they especially like to hunt live prey. They love warm places and therefore attract insect lamps. Their nests can also be located in different areas, from waste heaps to damp places.

    The Road ant

    Finally, you can come into contact with the Road ant (lasius niger), a somewhat larger variant where the workers measure 4 to 5 mm and the queens even 1.5 cm. They are dark brown to black and have no stinger. Queens of this ant hibernate in the ground and the workers take care of everything; they build the nest, collect food and take care of the larvae. The nests often have fine soil at the entrance, so you can recognize it as such.

    Recognizing the presence of ants

    If you come across several live ants, chances are you have an ant problem. If the ant nest is large enough in the area, it can lead to a pest and Protect Pest Control recommends that you contact us for effective control of this problem before the nuisance becomes too great. Walkways created by ants are also an important sign to contact us. The paths are marked with a certain scent, so that other ants can also find this path to the food source.

    Mieren bestrijden

    How do ants get into your rooms?

    The main reason ants come into the house is because apparently there’s enough food there. The easiest solution to prevent ants is therefore to remove the food source. Of course, this is more difficult when you are preparing food during the nice summer months and look forward to eating it in the garden or on your balcony, sometimes with some food left on the counter or leftover food.


    Also, pet food can become a food source if not eaten by your animal right away. In addition, we often have food supplies in our kitchen cabinets that are simply necessary. Then try to ensure that these are properly sealed airtight and that insects cannot reach them.


    Good cleaning therefore remains very important, because sweet food residues can be easily found by these clever creatures. Furthermore, holes and cracks in walls or floors create corridors that make it easier for ants to enter the house. Ants even find their way to the dumpster and trash can, because they can smell that food is lying here. Protect Pest Control therefore advises you to empty the trash can as often as possible and not to leave food in it for long.

    Do it yourself or outsource it?

    There are do-it-yourself products for ants that can provide a temporary solution. However, it is wise to contact a professional pest control such as Protect Pest Control for a long-term and effective control.


    Protect Pest Control is skilled and masters all professional techniques, so that when combating it, it can also take into account the lifestyle of each type of ant, but also your personal situation. We always provide a fast, professional and sustainable solution to your pest problem.

    Mieren bestrijden

    Remove ants with different techniques

    Experience has shown that do-it-yourself products are far from working optimally and that ultimately there is a greater nuisance to ants. Protect Pest Control ensures that we locate the nest and use environmentally friendly insecticides so that the problem can be solved as quickly as possible.


    Specifically adapted to the type of ant, the control will be much more effective, but also the safety of you, your family and any pets is guaranteed. In addition, Protect Pest Control gives you advice on how to prevent an ant infestation in the future and tailor-made tips that you can easily apply.

    Protect Pest Control at your service!

    Protect Pest Control can remove the ant infestation in a very reliable way and help you with prevention for the future. Leaving an ant infestation untreated is strongly discouraged, because the ant infestation can get out of hand and the nuisance is experienced as very annoying and often unsanitary. We will remove the ants.


    Protect Pest Control is a professional pest control agent and uses safe and successful ways to control an ant infestation. Contact Protect Pest Control now to schedule an on-site appointment or for advice and more information.


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