Bed bug control

We understand that you wish to remove bed bugs as quickly and effectively as possible. It is a horrible idea that bed bugs crawl through your bed and your sheets during the night. It is impossible for yourself or your visitors to spend the night properly once the bed bugs are visible. In order to properly control bed bugs, the cause of your problem must be identified as thoroughly as possible. A thorough approach that ensures that you get rid of bed bugs, is exactly what we consider the service of Protect Pest Control. We will help to remove the bed bug.

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    The bed bug issue

    Bed bugs are not only found in the Netherlands, in almost every country these bugs are considered an increasing problem. It often takes a very long time before the presence of these bugs is revealed. You are often too late when you find out by now, because there is a good chance that a number of major outbreaks can be found in your home or hotel. Fighting bed bugs starts with a higher degree of awareness, which contributes to the fact that action can be taken quickly. We will help you to remove the bed bug.

    The bed bug: an icky creature

    Bed bugs are tiny bugs that feed on people’s blood. This sounds a bit intense, but a mosquito does this too. The bed bugs are normally reddish brown in colour. When they have engorged with blood, they will be dark red in colour. The bed bugs are attracted to body temperature and CO2 emissions from humans.


    They will mainly hide in mattresses, wallpaper, the edges of the ceiling and behind the spaces of the socket. The average bed bug will age about a year and a half. Something most peculiar is that the bed bugs can survive without food for over a year.

    Recognize the presence of bed bugs

    There are several ways to determine the presence of bed bugs. Only where do you start searching? One tip is to start in the bedroom. One can look under the mattress, although for (larger) hotels this may be quite a job.


    During the day, the bed bugs will hide, the chance that you will find them or see them walking is therefore quite small. Small blood stains and faeces on the upholstery of the sofa or bed could indicate bed bugs. With bed bugs, it is critical that you take action as soon as possible to prevent a true infestation, as you don’t want the bed bugs to spread throughout the rest of the property. Something that can easily take place without the proper means of control.

    Bedwantsen bestrijden

    How do bed bugs get into your living environment?

    Now that you know how to recognize bed bugs, it is time to see how the bed bugs actually end up in your home or business premises. Bed bugs have been an increasing problem in our country for years. One of the reasons for the increasing number of reports of bed bugs is that air traffic has increased majorly. Large groups of people choose to go on vacation, which has attributed to this problem in a big way. In most cases people will stay in a hotel or hostel.


    If one guest carries bed bugs in their luggage, it is possible that these bed bugs will spread throughout the rest of the hotel. This ensures that they also end up in the other rooms. When a new guest moves into the infected room, the bed bugs will start to settle in their clothes. They then put these clothes in a suitcase. The bed bugs wind up in the suitcase of the traveller, creating a kind of vicious circle. This makes it very difficult to stop the increase of this issue.

    Do it yourself or outsource it?

    We are regularly asked whether it is wise to get started yourself to save costs or to hire a professional to combat the bed bugs. We strongly advise you not to get started with the techniques that we will describe below. This is mainly due to the fact that you do not know what to start and what to pay attention to. Because of this, the chances are that the approach will not be effective, and as a result you have spent a lot of money on products without getting rid of your problem. By choosing a professional pest control company you will ensure that you can get rid of your problem. The goal-oriented approach and the high level of knowledge ensure that bed bugs are removed from the home or the hotel. Protect Pest Control is happy to help you combat the bed bugs.

    Bedwants bestrijden

    Repel and prevent bed bugs

    Our most effective approach is to control bed bugs with a combination of chemicals and steam. In the chemical part of the treatment, toxic pesticides will be used to combat the nymphs and adult bed bugs. The great advantage of using chemical agents is that hidden bed bugs can also be controlled in certain secluded areas. Incidentally, only a specialized and certified company such as Protect Pest Control can apply chemical agents, because we are legally allowed to dispose of this poison.


    The treatment does not only contain chemical control, but also the steam technique is applied. Combating bed bugs with steam is very effective. This method is ideal for controlling larger areas in one go, making it a suitable method for, for example, hotels or other chains that have to deal with a high degree of bed bugs. By using steam, mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture can be treated. Chemicals, on the other hand, are not ideal for this. Protect Pest Control always thinks along with your pest problem, whether it is bed bugs or other insects. Contact us now for a custom solution.

    The process of engaging a specialist

    If you want to get rid of bed bugs in your home or company quickly and easily, it is wise to call in a professional company for the control. They know what they are doing earlier and they are there to help you in a simple way. When you choose our pest control activities, you will almost always go through the same process. We have listed these different steps for you below:

    Making contact

    The first step is of course contact. By contacting us you can immediately get more insight into the job. We will talk to you to see how serious the nuisance is and what the costs could possibly be for controlling the bed bugs. We will help you remove the bed bug.

    On-site inspection

    The next step is the on-site inspection. This inspection is very important, because we can make an estimation on how bad the infection of the bed bugs is. One of our specialists will check where the bed bugs are hiding and where there may be nests. On the basis of this inspection, a quote can be drawn up for controlling the bed bugs. We will help to remove the bed bug.

    The extermination

    The final step is of course the control itself. Our approach makes it possible to always properly eliminate the bed bugs from the house. If necessary, it is possible to schedule multiple appointments to ensure that the bed bugs disappear. This is especially important for the hotels that have to deal with a very large plague and which have experienced several plagues in the past.


    Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about our bed bug removal and control services? Then quickly contact us to speak to one of our specialists. By making an appointment today and having a quote drawn up, you can be sure that you will get rid of all bed bugs in no time. We will help to remove the bed bug.

    Bedwantsen bestrijden, Insecten