Controlling Black rats

Black rats are not always black. The colour of their coat can vary from light brown to black with often a lighter colour on the belly. Since black is the most common colour, especially in urban areas, it is simply referred to as Black rat. We will help remove the black rats.


Black rats often live in groups of up to sixty rats per group. The females are often more aggressive and keep other animals away from the food. Per group there is one dominant male with two or more females underneath.

We have created a summarized article for you. See below for all information about this pest!

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    The Black rat issue

    The Black rat has been a structural problem in the south of the Netherlands for years and causes a lot of nuisance. Nowadays, the problem is also moving to the central area in the Netherlands and Protect Pest Control has noticed that this shift creates a greater need for control in this area. This mainly concerns companies and farmers who try to keep the problem manageable.


    The Black rat is notorious for spreading the plague during the Middle Ages. Rats in general are known carriers of the disease and because they are highly intelligent animals, control is sometimes not that easy. The Black rat is a good climber and can jump up to 1.5 meters high. In addition to spreading disease, Black rats also cause a lot of gnawing damage and soil food supplies through their faeces and urine.

    The Black rat: infamous and dangerous

    Nowadays, more areas are affected by the Black rat and it is also more often mentioned on the news. Currently, the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Noord-Limburg and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, including port areas, suffer a lot from nuisance and damage from the Black rat. Another problem is that the Black rat is often confused with the Brown rat, especially since Black rats are sometimes brown too.


    Fortunately, there are enough characteristics in which these species differ from each other, such as the living environment. The Black rat is an excellent climber and therefore likes high buildings, ships and dry places.


    The Brown rat seeks out water and lives in sewers, along ditches, at the bottom of buildings and in damp places. Outwardly, the black and Brown rats also look a bit different; where the Black rat is slimmer with a pointed head, the Brown rat is sturdier with a blunt head. In addition, the Black rat’s ears stand out, as they are very large and the tail is long and thin. The Brown rat has smaller ears and the tail is thick and shorter than the body.


    Adult Black rats are about 14-23 cm long and weigh almost 250 grams. The females have an average of 6 litters of 6 – 10 young per litter per year. The gestation period is less than a month and after 3 months the young are already sexually mature and can reproduce themselves.


    Black rats have a lifespan of 2 – 4 years, which means that the nest can become very large in a short amount of time. The large groups in combination with the aggression that the Black rats display and their intelligence makes this a special (difficult) pest.

    Recognize the presence of Black rats

    It is quite difficult to recognize the presence of Black rats because they are very intelligent and suspicious. In addition, these insects mainly live at night and high up in buildings, under roof boards or in insulation boards.


    Rat droppings can be a characteristic, but then you do not always know what kind of rat it is. In addition, eaten food supplies and packaging are also an indication, but again it is still difficult to find out which type of rat is involved.


    You could, however, take measures with regard to protection and hygiene of the space. For example, it is wise to ensure that openings in the building are closed and to prevent overgrowth against buildings. This is a popular place to make nests. Protect Pest Control also advises you to clean up lost fruit and compost piles as soon as possible, because they also attract rats. It is good to store all food supplies in closed boxes to avoid food supply for the rats.

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    How do the Black rats get into your living environment?

    In the Netherlands, the Black rat lives in the vicinity of ports and ships, but also in warehouses and food stores. A supermarket is an example of this, but a bakery or catering company can also suffer from this. The Black rat likes open areas and doesn’t build underground tunnels like its counterpart the Brown rat. Black rats also eat everything, but have a preference for grains, fruits and sugar cane.


    In warmer countries, Black rats like to climb trees, but this is less common in the Netherlands.

    Do it yourself or outsource it?

    If you suffer from Black rats in your home, storage, attic or business premises, Protect Pest Control advises you not to wait before contactinf us. Black rats can be very aggressive and are notorious carriers of disease. In addition, they cause a lot of gnawing damage and they reproduce very quickly. Do-it-yourself products make no sense in the case of the black (and brown) rat. You absolutely need professional pest control. Protect Pest Control has fifteen years of experience in controlling black and Brown rats in your home, warehouse or business premises.

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    Repel and prevent Black rats

    Protect Pest Control always checks where the Black rats are hiding and where the nests are. We will then tackle this at the source. In addition, we remove the environment and the Black rats that are already there at that time. There is always an effective solution against rats, but different means can be used per situation. We can also help or advise you on barriers and prevention techniques. Contact Protect Pest Control now for a tailor-made solution.

    Trust Protect Pest Control

    Protect Pest Control can fight the Black rat plague in a very reliable way and help you with prevention and prevention for the future. Leaving a Black rat infestation untreated is strongly discouraged, as the Black rat infestation can get out of control and the risks of transmitting disease or damage cannot be prevented.


    Protect Pest Control is a professional pest control and uses safe and successful ways to control a Black rat infestation. Trying to combat the pest yourself is often insufficient, because you are a very intelligent and aggressive species. They are therefore very difficult to locate and combat if you do not have the right resources and expertise.


    Contact Protect Pest Control now to schedule an on-site appointment or for advice and more information.