Moth mosquito control

Do you suffer from small, black butterflies indoors? Then it may be that you are dealing with moth mosquitoes (Psychodidae). These bugs, also known as cormorant moth or moth fly, are common in bathrooms, sewers and toilets. We will help you remove the moth mosquito.

We have created a summarized article for you. See below for all information about this pest!

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    The moth mosquito issue

    Moth mosquitoes can spread pathogens and bacteria because these bugs often live on rotting food scraps or near sewers and all the flora and fauna that lives around them. These bacteria can be very harmful to (vulnerable) people and children. The moth does not bite and can fortunately only pose an indirect danger, but can still be a risk in places that have to be kept hygienic (such as a kitchen).


    The usefulness of the moths lies in the processing of organic material, but as a pest it remains very annoying. You may find little or no mosquitoes in places where there are moth mosquitoes, because they usually do not occur in each other’s habitat.

    The moth mosquito: is it a moth? or is it a mosquito?

    Moth mosquitoes are two-winged and therefore fall under the mosquito species, but have hairy wings, just like certain types of moths. A moth grows to about 4 millimeters long and are not particularly good flyers, so you will often see them walking around or only making short flights.


    Moth mosquitoes lay small brown or cream-colored eggs in large numbers: sometimes up to 200 eggs at a time. When the larvae hatch, they resemble white worms with dark tips. The larvae are about 9 mm and pupate within 20 – 40 hours, after which an adult moth mosquito has developed. This relatively short development phase means that moth mosquitoes can reproduce and develop at lightning speed.


    If you suffer from moth mosquitoes, it does not have to take long before there is a moth plague.

    Recognize the presence of moth mosquitoes

    Because adult moth mosquitoes lay their eggs in organic material in moist places, you will find them here in large numbers. The larvae feed on rotting elements, bacteria and fungi that can be found there. Think of sinks where a lot of food is flushed or pipes with little flow. Moth mosquitoes can often be found in cracks or corners of grids.


    Protect Pest Control often finds sources of moth mosquitoes’ infestation in plumbing pipes of sanitary installations, toilets, gutters, manure piles or cesspools. The best living environment for a moth mosquito is on a fermenting surface with a warm temperature. That is why most customers also make an appeal during the warm summer months to have these insects killed. The rate at which moth mosquitoes develop is often very high.

    Motmuggen bestrijden

    How do the moth mosquitoes get into your living environment?

    Moth mosquitoes love wet environments and are therefore located in and around sewers, bathrooms and toilets. An air-raid shelter where a layer of water can be found and not often someone comes is an ideal living environment for moths.
    Moth mosquitoes can come to light, so we advise you to keep your windows and doors closed during the evenings in the summer months. That way, these bugs cannot fly or crawl inside.

    Do it yourself or outsource it?

    Protect Pest Control can combat the pest in one go and ensure that all moth mosquitoes are dealt with, so that you do not get involved in a lengthy control process. In every situation we provide a suitable custom solution, taking your living environment into account.


    Contact us now to schedule an on-site appointment or for advice and more information.


    Repel and prevent moth mosquitoes

    Protect Pest Control is a professional pest control and uses safe and successful ways to control the moth mosquitoes. So we can remove the moth mosquito in the best way. We often use a spraying agent under pressure and carry out a crack treatment in the areas that are not used. The pesticides we use have an aftereffect, so that all moth mosquitoes that come into contact with the products afterwards are also controlled.


    You can rely on us to use the safest methods for you, your family and your pets while combatting this pest.

    Trust Protect Pest Control

    Protect Pest Control offers you a suitable custom solution. We offer advice that fits your needs best after an appointment on location, whenever it suits you. Because of this we can help you remove the moth mosquito.


    We have many years of experience as a pest control company and are highly qualified and certified. In addition, we use an environmentally conscious method of control. Protect Pest Control discusses with you the number of treatments required to achieve the desired result and also gives you advice on prevention after the fight.


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