The removal of wasps

Wasps have a characteristic yellow and black cross mark on the abdomen. The workers are about 1 to 1.5 cm long and the queens a bit bigger. Wasps have strong jaws and 2 pairs of transparent wings. The transition from their thorax to the abdomen is so tightly tied. This is where the word “wasp waist” comes from. We will help you remove the wasps.


The usefulness of the wasps is that they catch and eat many nasty and harmful insects. Such as the house fly and mosquitoes. Protect Pest Control advises you to be nature conscious. Wasp nests that are not a direct danger to humans. Pets can be useful and therefore do not need to be removed. This may be the case, for example, in a forest or elsewhere on your site where people do not come.

In order to provide you with the correct information as well as possible, we have created an article with all the important information you need.

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    The problem of wasps

    Protect Pest Control receives many requests every year to combat wasp nests, because this occurs very regularly in the Netherlands. Wasps feed their larvae with flies and other insects in the spring and then eat a certain sweet that comes from the larvae themselves. Wasps can become vicious and sting if they feel threatened or think the nest is in danger. They also like to fly towards ice-cream, sweet drinks and fruit.


    People who are allergic to wasp stings should be extra careful about this, but even if you are not, a wasp sting can be very painful. The main component of wasp’s poison consists of histamine and apitoxin. A sting is usually harmless unless it occurs directly in a blood vessel or if there is a hypersensitivity to these toxins. Protect Pest control also recommends taking certain precautions in outdoor areas to reduce the risk of a wasp sting.

    The wasp: a real go-getter

    Wasps are very hard workers. They live together in the wasp’s nest and everything is devoted to reproduction; something reserved only for the queen. The workers are naturally sterile and do not hibernate like the young queens do. The nest is made by the wasps gnawing on wood or reed mats and the eating of flakes from it. A wasp nest is initially inhabited by only 1 queen, but can contain a population of thousands of wasps per nest, more queens can be added at a later stage …

    Recognize the presence of wasps

    You will usually notice from the large numbers of wasps in or around your house or patio that there may be a wasp nest in your area. Protect Pest Control recommends that you take a look at sheltered places that have an easy exit to the outside to recognize a wasp nest. For example, a porch, eaves, shed or outbuilding, but they also like to and often build in the cavity wall. By the end of the summer, the nest has a large population and you can often easily spot the flight path of wasps flying back to the nest.


    A fully grown wasp nest sometimes has up to 5,000 wasps and you can imagine how much nuisance this can cause during the summer. That is precisely the time when you are probably trying to enjoy the outdoors in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony. It is also then that you, your children and your guests run the risk of being stabbed or attacked. This is of course also extra important for your company if you run a terrace in the summer. Protect Pest Control has tailor-made solutions for every situation that can be used effectively and purposefully. This way you can get rid of the nuisance in no time.

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    How big can a wasp’s nest get?

    When the young queen starts building a wasp nest in the spring, it is not that big yet. The queen lays the first eggs and these develop into workers, so that they can take over the construction in no time. After that, the Queen’s task is only to lay more eggs to make the population even larger. After a few months, around August, the nests are often very large. This is the time to switch on Protect Pest Control immediately if you suspect or have discovered a wasp nest, so that it does not get bigger and the wasps have assigned themselves to your nice outdoor space.

    Do it yourself or outsource it?

    Protect Pest Control can exterminate the wasp nest in a very reliable way and thus reduce the number of wasps in the vicinity of the nest. Leaving a wasp nest untreated is strongly discouraged, as the wasps can sometimes survive until the end of the year and the nuisance and risks persist. It often happens that wasps are aggressive towards the end of the summer, so we advise you to let us remove the wasp’s nest before this time.


    Protect Pest Control has a professional pest control agent and uses safe and successful ways to get rid of the wasps. Trying to remove the nest or control the wasps yourself has proven dangerous in the past, because the wasps can attack in swarms when they sense threat.


    Contact Protect Pest Control now to schedule an on-site appointment or for advice and more information.

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    Exterminate a wasp’s nest with powder

    Protect Pest Control provides advice on control and prevention for an effective solution for your specific wasp problem. In that way we can remove the wasps at his best. Most wasp’s nests are treated with a powdered needle injected to the nest. The aftereffect causes the wasps to come into contact with the nest after treatment, so not just extermination, but prevention and control is covered as well.

    Enable Protect Pest Control

    Protect Pest Control offers you a suitable custom solution after an inspection on location, when it suits you. So we can help to remove the wasps. We have many years of experience as a certified pest control company. In addition, we use an environmentally conscious method of control. Together we will discuss with you the number of treatments that are required to achieve the desired result and also advise you on prevention after the fight.