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Bed bugs are an uninvited guest in your hotel or guesthouse

Bed bugs are the true nightmare for hotels, bed and breakfasts and inns, when guests discover these critters it leads to image damage and all collateral damage items. It is impossible for your visitors to spend the night well once the bedbugs are visible and tangible around

The infested room needs to be treated as soon as possible which means the room can temporarily not be rented. We offer a secure treatment to get rid of the bed bugs, the treatment consists of inspection, heat treatment and chemical treatment.

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The problem of bed bugs

What exactly are bed bugs? Bed bugs are also sometimes called bed bugs or bedbugs. These bugs are not only found in the Netherlands, in almost every country these bugs are becoming an increasing problem. It often takes a long time before the presence of these bugs comes to light. Often you are already too late when you find out that you suffer from bedbugs, the bedbugs have already developed and multiplied in your hotel, inn, bed and breakfast, etc.

The bed bug: a special creature

Bed bugs are very small critters that live off the blood of people and animals. This sounds a bit sinister, however, so does a mosquito. Bed bugs are normally reddish-brown in color. When they have had a blood meal they will discolor to dark red. The bed bugs come off on body temperature and CO2 emissions from humans. They will mainly hide in mattresses, beds, headboards, wallpaper, ceiling edges, etc. The average bedbug will live for about a year and a half. Remarkably, bed bugs can survive for over a year without food.

Recognize the presence of bed bugs

There are several ways to determine the presence of bedbugs. Only where do you start looking? One tip is to start in the bedroom. One can look under the mattress, in the bedding, seams and cracks of the bed. During the day the bedbugs will be hiding, so the chances of you finding or seeing them walking around are quite small. Small bloodstains and droppings on the upholstery of the sofa or bed could indicate bedbugs. With bedbugs, it is crucial that nothing is moved from one room to another and that action is taken as soon as possible to prevent a true infestation, after all, you don’t want the bedbugs to spread through the rest of the property. Something that can unfortunately easily happen without professional control.

How do bed bugs get into the rooms?

Now that you know how to recognize bed bugs, it is time to look at the ways in which bed bugs actually get into your business. Bed bugs have been an increasing problem in our country for years. One of the reasons for the increasing number of reports of bedbugs is that we have been traveling more and more. More and more people go on vacation or are abroad for work, they choose hotel or hostel stays in most cases. If one guest carries bedbugs with him in his luggage, it is possible that these bedbugs will spread through the room or the rest of the hotel. When a new guest will move into the infested room, the bedbugs will start nesting in the clothing. These infected clothes will then be put into the suitcase. And so the bedbugs are taken home, creating a kind of vicious cycle.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Controlling bedbugs is not easy and requires knowledge and experience. We do not recommend fighting bedbugs yourself because the problem can get worse, making it difficult to solve. Bedbugs can move through your home with your help, so do not move things from one room to another.

Protect Pest control has extensive experience in bed bug control. We are therefore happy to help you get rid of the bed bug problem.

Bed bug control with chemicals and steam

Our effective treatment consists of and chemical treatment and heat treatment. Chemical control aims to kill off all living bed bugs. Our professional pesticides have a long after action for a good and long lasting effect. Our heat treatment consists of performing a steam treatment this is done by a specially designed steam device with dry steam up to 180 degrees Celsius.

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When you want to get rid of bed bugs at your business quickly and effectively, it is wise to hire a professional company. For control, Protect Pest Control has the experience, expertise and right materials to solve your problem!

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