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Protect Pest Control: The best choice in your area for pest control

For more than 15 years, Protect Pest Control has specialized in pest control. We are located in Dronten, but we also control pests in all places in a radius of over 50 kilometers around Dronten. We provide pest control, prevention and elimination of pests for both the private and business market. Moreover, we are available 7 days a week, so you get rid of your pests as soon as possible. In the past 15 years we have grown into a full pest control company in Dronten and we work exclusively according to the latest guidelines and we are also IPM 2023 certified.

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That's why you choose us

Why Protect Pest Control?

At Protect Pest Control, personal contact, good value for money and fast and expert service are paramount. Of course, our experts will take the entire pest control job off your hands, so you can focus on other things. Of course, we understand that you want to get rid of pests quickly, which is why our experts are often on site within 24 hours.

  • Always contacted within 24 hours
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Fast and effective
  • Economical
  • Quality guarantee
  • Discreet and reliable
  • EVM and VCA, IPM 2023 certified
  • You are vermin free again!

Quick service. Reported last night via contact form on their site and already someone on the phone this morning. Made an appointment for today between 10 and 12 and Niels was right on time in this block. Friendly man and worked quickly. Now wait a few days to see if the treatment works. Thanks Protect Pest Control.

Henk B.

Used this company for the first time. Really great. Easy to make an appointment and Niels very knowledgeable and very friendly. Hope it is not necessary, but then definitely use this company again

Rasul N.

Out of frustration and desperation because of mice in the house, we called the first company we could find and that was Protect Pest Control. I am very satisfied with their work and service. They respond quickly to your question and an appointment was also quickly scheduled. Niels is friendly, gives good and clear advice and information about the problem and solves it professionally.

Ingrid D.

This is how we work

Get in touch

We will discuss our working method, prices and make an appointment with you

We get to work

We come to your location for an inspection and discuss the plan of action with you.

Tailor-made extermination

We start the control as discussed with you in the action plan. We also provide advice after control.

You are vermin free again!

You can once again enjoy a vermin-free environment, with we guarantee.

Most common pest control

Nothing is more annoying than pests in your environment. On the right you will find more information about the most common pests in and around the house or your company.

If you want more information, you can always contact us.

Fight mice

Mice are the most common pests. They are common in and around our living environment and can also cause a lot of damage.

Remove mice

Exterminate Wasps

There are many wasp species and can cause annoying situations because they build nests in our environment.

Remove wasps

Fight bed bugs

Bed bugs are an increasingly common problem. That is because there is a lot of traveling and they are brought in our suitcases.

Remove bed bugs

Fight rats

Rats are an increasing problem in cities, agriculture and homes. They are disease spreaders and can cause a lot of damage.

Remove rats

Fight ants

Ants can be common, not only in the garden, but also in houses. It is a small insect but can be a big problem in large numbers.maar kan in grote getale, een groot probleem zijn.

Remove ants

Combat moles

These small animals can be a major nuisance in lawns, gardens and sports fields. Molehills and subsidence can be the result.

Remove moles

Private pest control

We are a pest control company in Dronten with extensive experience in private pest control. For over 15 years we control all kinds of pests, such as mice, rats, cockroaches, wasps, ants, silverfish, bedbugs and woodworm. For each type of pest we have the solution and we prevent a new pest infestation by our preventive and repellent measures. Protect Pest Control has long opening hours and we are available 7 days by phone for all your questions and we follow up quickly to solve your problems. We have competitive prices and offer complete pest control: inspection, extermination and control of your pests. A one-time inspection is also possible and a quotation is always free of obligation. Please contact us by phone or make an appointment directly.

Business pest control

We specialize in pest control, but more importantly, in providing preventative solutions to avoid future pest problems. We have all the knowledge and skills needed to prevent pests from establishing themselves in your company. Of course, we control according to the latest guidelines and we use the latest control techniques, such as IPM 2023 Through our competitive pricing and method, we offer a cost-effective solution for your organization. Thanks to our preventive expertise, you also avoid future costs for pest control. We keep records in a digital logbook, so you are always assured of pest control and that you always have access to the situation in your company. Is your company located in our service area and are you suffering from pests? Do not hesitate and contact the pest control company Protect Pest Control for a free quote or on-site inspection.

Do you have questions? We call you back!

    Veelgestelde vragen

    If there is 1 spot where wasps fly in and out (this is called the approach route), it is a sign that there is a wasp nest in that spot. If wasps fly around the tree or sit on the leaves, they are attracted to the tree's juices that the tree gives off certain times of the year. The insects that are in the tree also attract the wasps, so this means they are attracted to the tree for food and not that there is a wasp nest in the tree.

    Every situation is different and every fight is different. This means that upon inspection, having assessed the situation we can tell you directly whether or not we can issue the guarantee. In almost all cases we can issue a 100 percent guarantee.

    If we are allowed to perform the abatement, the inspection cost will be deducted from the treatment and the inspection will be free.

    Most housing associations do nothing with the pest problem. And you have to fix the problem yourself. It is advisable to contact your landlord first.

    Every fight and situation is different, and we discuss the price with you in advance so you will never be surprised.

    After sending an email or a whatsapp message, we answer within 24 hours. We have long opening hours during which you can contact us by phone.

    Yes, mice are true disease carriers, they do so through their feces (mouse droppings), urine and saliva. Diseases they can transmit include salmonella, leptospirosis and hantavirus.

    As of Jan. 1, 2023, laws and regulations have changed for the use of rodenticides, meaning that as of the end of 2023, no poison will be available to individuals. Our company is IPM certified and can still use pesticides. This means that we will first start looking at how to counter new infestations of rodents. Start with non-chemical control to catch the rodents away. And solve the nuisance without poison. If this is not sufficient we can move on to chemical control, In some situations if public health is endangered we can immediately start with chemical control.

    The stone marten is a protected species, and unfortunately should not be controlled or driven away under any circumstances.

    Dust lice is a moisture problem. This means that there is too much moisture in the room. The advice for this is to bring the moisture level in the room down by ventilating (open windows), dry firing (turn up the stove and open the windows a little bit) and possibly installing moisture eaters. Chemical control will not help this will only aggravate the problem because this also happens with moisture. So the only control is one you can do yourself.

    We also offer an inspection for a small fee, in it we will inform you where the problems are how the pests can get in, and how you can fix it in the right and long-term way.

    Payments can be made by: pin (we have a mobile pin), cash and companies by invoice.

    We do inspections, control many pests, perform repellents, advise and do preventive treatments.

    We offer service contacts for companies that have pest problems or want to do preventive pest control. All data is kept in a digital logbook so you can oversee your situation at all times and you are safeguarded during a visit by the NVWA.