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Remove latrine flies

Fast and effective latrine fly control

Latrine fly, a very unhygienic creature

Latrine flies (Leptocera fontinalis Fallen) this fly is also referred to as small dung fly. When they occur in large numbers, they can be perceived as very bothersome. The flies are often found in stables, manure piles, dog walking areas and homes. They develop in moist soil contaminated with decaying organic matter.

witte afvoerbuis dat onder een bak is bevestigt met een wit rekje en een spuitfles op de achtergrond

The problem of the latrine fly

The fly can start developing when, for example, a dirty water drain or sewer line is defective in the contaminated soil, a dung pile where flies deposit their eggs. This can create a Latrine fly infestation in either case. Partly because they deposit many eggs and these hatch, the infestation is born.

The latrine fly: a sewer fly

The latrine fly is a small, black or very dark brown species of fly with large black hairs on top of the thorax and head. The eggs of this fly are deposited in organic decaying material and the larvae then live in contaminated conditions, such as slurry basements, sewage, sewers and manure piles. Wherever sludge is created by broken pipes, they can survive well. As long as the soil is contaminated with decaying organic matter. They cause no direct damage, but like most flies are very unsanitary and a nuisance because of the large swarms.

grijs machinetje met een witte onderbak dat dient om latrinevliegjes te bestrijden

How do flies get into spaces?

These flies enter spaces such as crawl spaces, manure stables, slurry pits after which they deposit their eggs in these spaces and can be emphatic.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Fighting these flies yourself is not possible because you do not have the right means and equipment. However, you can take your own measures to deal with this problem, we are happy to inform you about this.

Protect Pest Control is skilled and has mastered all techniques optimally, which allows them to take into account every kind of fly, as well as your personal situation, during control. We always provide a fast, professional and sustainable solution to your fly problem. We help you control the latrine fly

Controlling latrine flies with different techniques

Protect Pest Control is a professional pest control company and employs safe and successful ways to control flies. We usually control latrine flies by applying a room treatment (by nebulization). We trace the source and restore the situation. Of course, we use the safest methods of control, for you and your family as well as your pets. This is how we help you fight your latrine fly in the best way possible.

The pesticide used has an after-effect of more than 5 weeks, so flies that come into contact with the liquid later are still controlled by this. As far as preventive measures are concerned, we can always provide you with effective, tailor-made advice.

Enable Protect Pest Control

Protect Pest Control can control the fly infestation in a very effective and efficient way and help you with warding and prevention for later. Leaving a fly infestation untreated is highly inadvisable, as the fly infestation can easily get out of control quickly.

Protect Pest Control is a professional pest control company and uses safe and successful ways to control a fly infestation.

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