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Protect Pest Control: the best choice for pest control in and around your company

For more than 15 years, Protect Pest Control has specialized in pest control. We are located in Dronten, but we also control pests in all places in a radius of over 50 kilometers around Dronten. We provide pest control, prevention and elimination of pests for your company. Moreover, we are available 7 days a week, so you can get rid of your pests as soon as possible. In the past 15 years, we have grown into a fully-fledged pest control company in Dronten and we work exclusively according to the latest guidelines and we are also IPM 2023 certified.

That's why you choose us

Why Protect Pest Control?

At Protect Pest Control, personal contact, good value for money and prompt and expert service are paramount. Our experts work together with you to reduce and possibly get and keep pest free. We also register everything in a digital logbook, so that you always have insight into the situation in your company.

  • Always contacted within 24 hours
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Fast and effective
  • Discreet and reliable
  • Economical
  • IPM 2023 certified
  • Digital logbook
  • Quality guarantee
  • EVM and VCA certified
  • You are pest free again!

Quick service. Reported last night via contact form on their site and already had someone on the phone this morning. Made appointment for today between 10 and 12 and Niels was nicely on time on this block. Friendly guy and worked quickly. Now waiting a few days to see if the treatment works. Thank you Protect Pest Control.

Henk B.

Used this company for the first time. Really great. Easy appointment made and Niels very knowledgeable and very friendly. Hope not to need it, but then definitely this company/Niels again.

Rasul N.

Out of frustration and desperation due to mice in the house, we called the first company we could find and that was Protect Pest Control. I am very satisfied with their work and service. They respond quickly to your inquiry and an appointment was also quickly scheduled. Niels is friendly, gives good and clear advice and information about the problem and solves it professionally.

Ingrid D.

This is how we work

Get in touch

We will discuss with you our methods and will be happy to make a no-obligation appointment with you.

We get to work

We will come to your site for an inspection and discuss the plan of action and provide you with a customized quote

Tailor-made combat

We begin with the pest risk assessment and then place a pest control plan, as discussed in the plan of action.

Pest control under control!

Working with you, we ensure that pests remain under control.

Most common pests in companies

Nothing is more annoying than pests in your business, which can suffer in financial and image damage. Here you will find more information about the most common pests in and around your company.

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us.

Fight mice

Mice in your business, that's the last thing you want. Unfortunately, these animals are common in business. We can help you fight them off.

Remove mice

Fight rats

Rats are a growing problem in cities, agriculture and businesses. They are disease spreaders and can do a lot of damage.

Remove rats

Fight bed bugs

Hotels, inns and B&Bs unfortunately have to deal with bedbugs on a regular basis. We specialize in controlling them.

Remove bed bugs

Combat wasps

Wasps can cause a lot of nuisance and annoyance inside and around your business. We can control these quickly and effectively.

Remove wasps

Fight ants

Not only outside your business, but ants are also common indoors. It is a small insect but in large numbers, can be a big problem.

Remove ants

Combat moles

These small animals can cause a major nuisance in lawns, gardens and sports fields. Molehills and subsidence can result.

Remove moles

Business pest control

We specialize in pest control, but more importantly in providing preventive solutions to avoid future pest problems. We have all the knowledge and skills needed to prevent pests from establishing themselves in your company. Of course, we control according to the latest guidelines and use the latest control techniques, such as IPM 2023. Because of our competitive pricing and working method, we offer a cost-saving solution for your organization. Thanks to our preventive expertise, you also avoid future pest control costs. We keep records via a digital logbook, so that you are always assured of pest control and that you always have insight into the situation in your company. Is your company located in our service area and do you suffer from pests? Do not hesitate and contact the pest control company Protect Pest Control for a free quote or on-site inspection.

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