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it beetle lays its eggs in old bird nests and wasp nests, often people think that the bug comes from the carpet. This is not the case, when the carpet is made of wool (animal material) for example, the beetle can feed on this. The larvae that hatch from the eggs will then feed on animal materials. The larvae can travel long distances so the problem can develop quickly in your home or business premises.

The adult beetle can fly well and therefore can land casually in your home or business premises and will deposit eggs there.

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The problem of common & Australian carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are mainly a big problem when they are still larvae, as the larva have tiny hairs on their bodies to which people can react allergically if they come into contact with the hairs left on your bed or clothes, for example. The result is bumps, itching and irritation spots on your body. This is something that can cause confusion and annoyance at, for example, a hotel, inn or bed&Breakfast. The larvae that feed on animal materials can cause damage to anything made of animal material, such as rugs, animal skins, clothing, construction felt and stuffed animals. The quality deteriorates rapidly when multiple larvae feast on the material. So contact us if you recognize the above complaints, we will deal with these annoying insects.

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The common & Australian carpet beetle: an unusual eater

The museum beetle or common carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) is about 1.8 – 3.2 mm long, dull black in color with 3 blurred transverse stripes across its carapace. Larvae of the carpet beetle eat the most unlikely things, such as wool, leather, feathers and fur. Consequently, you may lose valuable garments if they feast on these. This species of beetle is often found in birds’ nests and can work their way through very small seams and cracks. For taxidermist companies and museums, these beetles are very risky because they like to eat their way through stuffed animals. Females lay as many as 3 generations per year in bird or wasp nests, dried carrion or woolen materials.


The larvae are fed on animal products, but the adult carpet beetles can also live outside on nectar and pollen from flowers.
The Australian variety (Anthrenocerus australis) is dark brown or black and has 3 light-colored white zigzag bands on its carapace. They can grow up to 3.4 mm in length and are very similar in lifestyle and reproduction to the common carpet beetle.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Protect Pest Control can help you control carpet beetle in a safe and effective manner. Protect Pest Control can control a carpet beetle infestation in a very reliable manner and help you with weeding and prevention for the future. Leaving a carpet beetle infestation untreated is highly inadvisable as significant damage can occur.
Protect Pest Control is a professional pest control company there uses safe and successful ways to control the different types of beetles. Below you can read more about different ways to control each type of beetle you may encounter.

Controlling common & Australian carpet beetles with different techniques

Both types of carpet beetles can be controlled with a seam and crevice treatment. In addition, it is sometimes effective to have the walls of closets and the clothes themselves treated in various ways as well.

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