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Fruit flies are a real nuisance in the summer

Fruit flies (Drosophilidae) they are very regularly found in kitchens, garbage containers, breweries, food industry, cafes, etc. This fly is often seen in the warm months of the year with the peak in the summer months. They lay a lot of eggs, between 400 and 900, and their development is super-fast between 8 and 11 days, which can lead to rapid infestation.

The problem of fruit flies

Fruit flies can really be a problem especially when they buzz around the bar or fly out of the garbage can en masse. It also often causes image damage for businesses when customers are confronted with these flies.

People associate this fly as unhygienic, and somewhere that is true. These flies sit on everything, creating risks of contaminating bacteria in our food.

The fruit fly: a sweet tooth

Fruit flies feed on fermenting fruit and are also called banana flies. Alcohol also has an attraction for this type of fly, because of the sugar in drinks, and they often fly around quietly so people can find this annoying. Fruit flies are very small, often only 3 mm long and are yellowish brown or mottled with small red eyes. This fly develops very quickly, namely within 11 days, but contrary to popular belief it lives much longer than one day: namely up to 9 weeks. Fruit flies like to seek out as much organic rotting material as possible, such as the Gft container.

How do flies get into spaces?

Fruit fly nuisance is mostly within our control, the flies love rotting and fermenting products which means that cleaning is often not done properly. Leave a crate of beer for a while, or don’t empty a biodegradable waste container regularly, or don’t flush a kitchen drain regularly. In all cases, fruit flies can delightfully develop here, resulting in a fruit fly infestation.

Do it yourself or outsource?

A fruit fly infestation can easily be tackled by yourself by getting your hygiene in order, but if you are still unable to get rid of it, Protect Pest Control will gladly control these flies for you. After an inspection we can also give you good advice for this problem.

Fruit fly control with different techniques

Fruit flies are controlled by us by performing a seams and cracks treatment. That is, as many seams, cracks and resting places as possible are injected with a liquid, namely a suitable pesticide.

There is also the option of atomizing or treating resting places. The pesticide used has an after-effect of more than 5 weeks, so flies that come into contact with the liquid later will be affected. As far as preventive measures are concerned, we can always provide you with effective tailor-made advice.

Enable Protect Pest Control

Protect Pest Control can control Fruit Fly infestation in a very reliable way and help you with repellent and prevention for the future.

Protect Pest Control is a professional pest control company and uses safe and successful ways to control a fly infestation.

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