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Cockroaches, a crawling health hazard.

Cockroaches in your restaurant, cafe, garbage disposal or bakery? That’s the last thing you want, especially when you’re dealing with food in your business. Cockroaches are basically crawling health hazards, they are disease vectors such as salmonella, dysentery and various bacteria and fungi, and their droppings can also cause eczema or asthma. When there is a large nuisance, cockroaches can be quite present in terms of smell, they produce this smell from their dorsal gland. If you see the first signs of cockroaches, do not hesitate and contact Protect Pest Control as soon as possible.

The problem of cockroaches

Cockroaches are often found in kitchens, where they litter the countertop and surrounding area. They have three ways for spreading pathogens; through their feces, molting and saliva. A cockroach does not need more than a bread crumb or one drop of gravy to feed. In case of direct contact with food, you should almost always throw it away, due to danger of contamination

The diseases they can spread are quite dangerous, think of; salmonella, dysentery, typhoid, tuberculosis and hepatitis. In addition, contaminated food can cause parasitic diseases, fungal infections and gastroenteritis in humans and animals.

A cockroach infestation does not always have to do with hygiene, if they are present it is important to have hygiene in good order this contributes to good control. In apartment complexes, for example, it is easy for the cockroach to spread to the other apartments in search of food. Cockroaches reproduce at lightning speed and before you know it the apartment is crawling with these pests.

This is often very annoying to people, as they are sometimes embarrassed or frightened by the critters scurrying away. Protect Pest Control sees this happen regularly and can help you get rid of cockroaches in a safe and effective way. Thus, we control all types of cockroaches in the best way possible.

Types of cockroach:

German cockroach

The German cockroach (Blattela germanica) is most common in the Netherlands. It is brown with two black stripes on the breastplate and about 1.5 centimeters long. The wings are the same length as the abdomen. They live on average about half a year and molt up to 7 times during their lives. Annually, the German cockroach lays about 7 egg packets, which contain about 30 cockroaches. It takes between 2 and 5 weeks for the eggs to hatch.

The German cockroach can easily survive a month without food and basically eats everything. These critters are mostly found in dark and damp places and develop very well in high temperatures. Let us help you fight the German cockroach now.

Oriental cockroach

The Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) is red brown to blue black in color and 2 to 2.8 cm long. The adult cockroach lives for about 9 months. The egg packets of an Oriental cockroach contains about 8 half as many as those of the German. Egg development is also slower, taking about between 1 and 4 years for the animal to reach adulthood. This species also likes a dark, warm and humid environment. You can often find entire groups near heaters, hot water pipes, kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. The Oriental cockroach eats anything, but is especially fond of sweet and starchy foods. If they come in contact with food, it is better to throw it away because of the pathogens carried by this species.

American cockroach

The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is reddish-brown with a sheen on the carapace with pale yellow spots on the wings and breastplate. Males have wings that extend behind the abdomen when folded, the wings actually cover the abdomen. It is a large cockroach species from 2.7 to 4.5 cm long and also lives quite long; namely over two years.

Inasmuch as you are suffering from an American cockroach infestation, it is advisable to contact Protect Pest Control immediately, as this species reproduces at lightning speed. Even faster than the other cockroaches! They produce about 20 to 60 egg packets during their lifetime and each packet contains about 16 nymphs. Development from eggs to adult takes about 6 to 10 months in this larger species.

Recognize the presence of cockroaches

Long before you will see one cockroach, there are probably dozens living in your home, because a cockroach is excellent at making itself invisible. They generally keep quiet during the day and come to life at night, so they are light-shy. The sooner you notice their presence, the sooner Protect Pest Control can intervene for you.

From the moment you start seeing cockroaches during the day, that is usually an indication that you are already dealing with an infestation. The hiding places in the house are probably already full of cockroaches by then, causing the remaining ones to wander and look for new cracks and seams to stay in.

Cockroaches lay egg packets containing several eggs near their hiding places. In addition, they molt several times during their development and you can sometimes find a transparent membrane; this is their old molt skin. Egg packets and molting membranes are a second indication of a cockroach infestation.

Another characteristic of a cockroach infestation is finding droppings in your home. They are very small and look like leftover ground coffee. The pantry are places where cockroaches like to feast on people’s food. They easily chew their way through packing material and cardboard, so that will basically never stop them.

The bigger the infestation, the worse the stench. For some people even nauseating, but for the cockroaches a way of communication. The back gland secretes pheromones and this is how cockroaches know from each other when they are ready to reproduce and can recognize each other. Should you already smell the stench, find egg packet or molt then the cockroach infestation is probably already quite large. Protect Pest Control will use their knowledge and expertise to control the infestation for you in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

bruine kakkerlak met grote voelsprieten dat op een witte meubel staat

How do the cockroaches get into the rooms?

Except for cockroaches such as the Forest cockroach and the Norway cockroach that are found in the wild, the German, Oriental and American cockroach are almost always brought into your premises by transport and tropical foods themselves. It is also possible that somewhere the infestation has become so large that the cockroach moves through premises through pipes, seams and cracks and thus enters your premises.

Appliances that produce heat, machinery, furnaces and, of course, the heater are good places for a cockroach’s survival. In addition to food, which most species can do without for a month, these pests do need to drink a lot of water. Sewers and water pipes are therefore also favorite hiding places.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Leaving a cockroach infestation untreated is highly inadvisable, as it can lead to a true infestation and the risks of transmitting disease can then no longer be prevented.
Protect Pest Control uses safe and effective techniques to successfully control cockroaches properly. In cases where the infestation has greatly expanded through a property, it can only be controlled by a professional. Contact Protect Pest Control now to schedule an on-site appointment or for advice and more information.

Fighting cockroaches with different techniques

Cockroaches can be controlled through various techniques namely:

With gel: this is a pesticide in the form of gel. A gel treatment is mostly applied by us, advantage of this treatment is that the cockroaches will not flee from this control technique so the source remains in place and thus can be controlled controlled. Another additional advantage is that customers do not have to leave their company for several hours and business activities can continue as usual, it is safe for people and animals.

Spraying and or spraying: The liquid is sprayed into seams and cracks where the cockroaches reside, disadvantage of this method is that the cockroaches will set it on a run and then spread, also in many cases the premises must be left for 3 hours. The advantage is that many cockroaches are controlled in a short time. This method is often used in cases of large cockroach nuisance

Enable Protect Pest Control

Protect Pest Control offers you an appropriate customized solution after an on-site appointment or telephone contact. This is how we help you through the best way to control cockroaches. We have years of experience as a pest control company and are certified. In addition, we use an environmentally conscious method of control. Protect Pest Control will discuss with you the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired result and will also give you advice for prevention after the control.

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